‘The descriptions were so realistic it was like I was there with the three children’Snatched is a really creepy story! They don’t know it, but Simon and his sister, Ruti, are being watched. The people watching them know what time the children go to school – and what time and where they go after school. These people also know that the only day Simon was by himself without Ruti was every Friday after school.Unfortunately for the people watching this Friday, Simon wasn’t alone. He was with his sister and one of his classmates, Neil, who he’d invited home for tea to make his best friend jealous. On their way home, the three children walk along more or less in silence via the football pitch and watch a bit of the match.Afterwards they carry on walking until they arrive at a hill. Simon runs on ahead because he’s hungry and wants his tea. Ruti and Neil try to catch up with him, but unfortunately Neil has an asthma attack. Ruti’s not sure what to do and starts to panic. Neil concentrates really hard on his breathing and tells Ruti that it’s only asthma and not to worry. Neil wonders where Simon …read more

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