‘I found myself sneaking a peak at the pages whenever anyone stopped talking, I was so hooked’This book was scary, sad, and completely different; I would love to read all of the Spooks series. Alice is from a long generation of witches, all as equally terrifying as the last and this book tells the story of her journey through bone-trembling worlds and encounters with frightening characters whose actions are far from imaginable and very horrific.Alice’s adventures unfold on a quest for a dagger needed in a ceremony that will kill her but, however painful the death will be, she knows that it is to destroy the Fiend, a dark made flesh, the most powerful of all and the very oldest of the old gods. If they fail, the world will be enveloped by despair and darkness; if she succeeds it means falling into to the awaiting clutches of death slowly and painfully at the hands of her dearest friend. Alice must travel to find Pan, an old god that can open up the dark worlds deep in the earth’s crust that conceal the dead as the final weapon – the Dolorous Dagger, sometimes called the Blade of Sorrow – must …read more

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