In a piece from his new book, Dan Hancox explains how Rascal’s album Boy in da Corner is a product of Canary WharfYoung hustlers, London city, stand up/ L-D-N, they know us in the world/ You know what time it is/ I swear to you it ain’t all teacups, red telephone boxes and Buckingham Palace/ I’m gonna show you it’s gritty out here (Graftin’ – Dizzee Rascal)For those of us too young to remember the capital before Canary Wharf, and its main recognisable tower, the obelisk-shaped, 50-storey One Canada Square, it feels like it’s always been there, its blinking top light making it our modern city’s modern lighthouse. For the generation that grew up directly beneath it, it’s inseparable from the experience of east London life. It’s less than two miles from the notorious 25-storey, three-tower block Crossways estate where Dizzee Rascal grew up, and less than a mile from Langdon Park school, where he wrote large portions of Boy in da Corner.Interviewed in 2010 for a BBC London radio programme about the best and worst of the capital, Dizzee was asked to nominate his favourite building in London, and unhesitatingly chose Canary Wharf:”It means the most to me, I …read more

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