Plus how university libraries are flourishing despite online access to information, and how to choose the best higher education course; all on our online communities this weekGuardian Teacher NetworkCan you concentrate? Lots of us flit from topic to topic and find it hard to keep our attention fixed. Teaching mindfulness, when we’re aware of and focused on what we are doing, is one way of counteracting that and it is catching on in schools in a big way.So perhaps it’s not surprising that our mindfulness resources on GTN – including an activity that challenges students to hold a piece of chocolate on their tongue for three minutes – are among are most downloaded on the site at the moment.This week, associate principal Amanda Bailey explores the benefits of mindfulness for teachers themselves and shares some of her favourite techniques for clearing the mind and beating stress. “Mindfulness has helped me train my ‘monkey-mind’, which is how I describe a mind that buzzes all over the place without focusing on what really needs attention,” she writes. “I can now watch my thoughts, and find they are much less likely to take over and consume me.”Also on the site this week:What does …read more

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