What are the biggest milestones in the history of British TV? From the coronation to Morecambe and Wise, there are plenty of contenders. But five key events stand out from the flickering lightWatching television is a habit that runs like a bass note through all our lives. Huge masts have been built on hilltops, aerials and satellite dishes have sprung up on roofs, roads have emptied of people and cars, pub tills have been silenced, the boiling of kettles has synchronised across the nation, and the same bluish-grey flicker has radiated through millions of front room windows – all because people were watching TV. And yet the history of this activity remains largely obscure. The relentless dailyness of television has meant that there has always been far too much of it to enter the sorting house of collective memory. Leafing through old copies of the Radio Times is a melancholy activity, an entry into a lost world of spent effort, used-up enjoyment and forgotten boredom. Most television, to which talented, energetic people devoted months or years of their lives, has left momentary imprints on our retinas and slightly less momentary imprints on our brains before vanishing into the ether.Those bits …read more

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