‘Realistic seems like the wrong word. And yet it’s true. Somehow the magic in this world feels real’Everyone knows the Goodnights are eccentric. Kooky. Crazy. They just don’t know how different they are. Amy Goodnight knows, though. She knows the Goodnights are witches. She grew up with witches, even if she doesn’t practice herself. So yes. The Goodnights are odd and different.But Amy, she knows how everyone sees her is important and so she carefully blocks off her home life from her public one, smoothing problems over and keeping the whole witch thing very much secret.But then Amy and her sister Phin agree to look after their Aunt’s ranch over the summer. Big, big mistake. And we’re not talking about the presence of the ghost of Uncle Burt. Or the fact Amy runs around in her underwear to scare off a cow and then gets into a fight about ghosts with a hot cowboy (still in her underwear). Oh no. It is just… so much worse. It’s bad. Catastrophic-paranormal-happenings bad. A dead-body-found and ghostly-attacks bad. So the Goodnight sisters are dragged into an investigation – one that could reveal the very secret Amy has been fighting to hide for so, …read more

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