Former PM was a human, at times vulnerable, figure who nonetheless understood how to use her sex to succeed, says Charles MooreThose who described Lady Thatcher after her death as “not really a woman” or “inhuman” were “really wide of the mark”, according to the late prime minister’s biographer, Charles Moore.The former editor of the Daily Telegraph, who was given access to Thatcher’s papers and hitherto unseen early correspondence with her “much more formidable” sister, Muriel, said that far from being a “weird machine” Thatcher was a human, at times vulnerable, figure for whom her sex was central.”She was having it both ways,” he told the Edinburgh international book festival, “and why not? That is part of the way you succeed. Part of her understanding of her own sex was that you must break the rules. You mustn’t get stuck in what men expect you to do. If you want to conquer men, do it in the cleverest way. And the cleverest way is not to say ‘I am a woman, I am a woman, I am a woman, I am a feminist.'”On the film about Thatcher, The Iron Lady, he said: “I thought it was bad, unkind to make …read more

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