The Wellcome Library is hoping to distract its readers from noisy building works with a Spotify playlist. Can you add some quiet suggestions?Most of us prefer a bit of peace and quiet if we want to do some serious reading but the folks at the Wellcome Library won’t be getting much of that since a £17.5m programme of building works kicked off on Thursday.The plan is to build new galleries and spaces to enable the library to show more of its varied collection, which ranges from an ancient Egyptian medical prescription written on papyrus dating from 1100 BCE, through a sound recording of Florence Nightingale made in 1890, to the world’s largest collection of early English domestic recipe books and the personal papers of geneticist Francis Crick, which include his preliminary sketches showing the structure of DNA.The library also houses a world-leading collection of medical and scientific books and journals, receiving 40,000 visits a year from academic researchers and general readers – that’s an awful lot of tutting they have in store once the drilling, knocking and shifting begin in earnest. But those ever-inventive scientific minds at Wellcome aren’t about to let a bit of aural distraction halt their research, …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books