After rounding up his favourite unusual UK guidebooks, Henry Eliot casts the net wider, finding Hidden New York, the Best Places to Kiss in Paris, and much more • Have you come across a great alternative guidebook? Tell us about it in the comments belowHow do you make the most of a city break? Do you rush around, breathlessly ticking off must-sees, or do you drift, hoping you’ll stumble upon authentic experiences? It’s hard to get a handle on a new city; perhaps the best way is to let someone else curate your visit for you, ideally someone with local knowledge, individual taste and a sense of humour. Here are some interesting guides from around the world to steer you on your urban adventures.The Best Places to Kiss in Paris, €6 (£5)Strolling through the Bois de Boulogne, your arm around your petit chou, you don’t want to stumble into a smooch in the wrong spot. This is the discerning lover’s guide to French kissing. All tastes are catered for, whether you prefer canoodling under the Pont Neuf, grappling in the Musée Rodin, or hanky panky on the Tuileries carousel. Thierry Soufflard, writer and photographer, has scoured the city of romance …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books