How many of you are wearing a button? Raise your hand. Go ahead — do it at your desk or wherever you’re reading this…I’ll wait.
If you were being honest (and adventurous), nearly all of you would have raised your hands. Everyone wears buttons all the time.
Yet, the button is an extremely old technology. The earliest evidence of buttons made by people dates back to nearly 5,000 years ago. And since then, we’ve invented all sorts of things to replace it: zippers, velcro, jumpsuits, magnets, snaps and more. But the button has persisted.
There might be a good analogy here for the print book, according to Nicole Valentine, a freelance technology consultant and former vice president of product and technology at, a book discovery platform.
The button is “a bronze-age technology. We’re not all going to start wearing velcro and seamless clothing,” just because those new technologies exist, she said. “And that’s the book. It’s perfect for what it does and it’s not going anywhere.”
Valentine was speaking at the Publishing Business Conference & Expo in New York on a panel about the future of reading and book publishing.
The latest data on ebook adoption and publisher ebook revenues seem to corroborate this notion. …read more

Via: Digital Book World