Four things we learned about the US box office this weekend, including not all young adult book franchises should be films, and why careful planning means a warm US welcome for third Cornetto The World’s End • First look review: You’re Next• The Butler: all the president’s men – in pictures• Philip French: The World’s End – review1. The Butler’s prestige is mountingA No 1 hold has seen Lee Daniel’s The Butler ease past the $50m (£32m) milestone and lest we forget, Hollywood feeds on the motivational power of numbers. Given the civil rights ensemble drama’s reported budget of $30m (£19.2m), when all is said and done the maths in this case may well add up. The next politically savvy adult drama arrives on 4 October in the form of Parkland, so Harvey Weinstein and his cohorts have plenty of time to make hay while the sun shines. Lee Daniel’s The Butler looks a cert to finish above $75m (£48m) and may well carry on into awards season, by which time many voters will have seen it, most will have heard of it and some will believe it could go all the way to Oscar.2. YA book adaptations can be …read more

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