Rob Hart continues to update his Tumblr after being laid off from the Sun-Times. This is a shot of his tie after a three-hour photo shoot in a frigid Lake Michigan.
Do you remember June of last year, when the Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire photography staff (including Pulitzer Prize winner John H. White) and gave its reporters training in iPhone photo basics? Twenty-nine photographers were let go.
A few weeks later the books section disappeared, and so did fourteen production staffers. Former staffer Rob Hart created a Tumblr, Laid Off from the Sun-Times, where he chronicled his freelance and teaching work after the announcement.
Rich Chapman, Brian Jackson, Al Podgorski, and Michael Schmidt are about to be rehired under terms of a contract settlement between Sun-Times Media and the Chicago Newspaper Guild. They’re “multimedia journalists,” not photographers, and will be required to shoot video as well as write from time to time.
When the contract was negotiated last November, the paper agreed to hire a number of these photographers back if the union dropped its unfair labor relations charge with the National Labor Relations Board. The Guild agreed to a three-year contract through December 2016 and with two weeks of unpaid vacation, enhanced …read more

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