Protesters in front of the Amazon office last Friday
Forty protesters from Amazon Anonymous have sent off a 55,000 signature petition that demands fair wages and better conditions for Amazon employees in the UK. They also want the corporation to pay taxes. The petition was packaged in an Amazon box and delivered to the Holborn office on Friday.
That box may never reach Jeff Bezos directly. But picture it on a desk, smiling to itself.
We’ve written about Amazon warehouses quite a lot before: no one can unionize, conditions are often compared to coal mines, and the heavy security observation has been likened to that of Nazi Germany. Additionally, the company received more money from the UK government between 2009 and 2011 than it paid in taxes. Indie booksellers called on Prime Minister David Cameron to make Amazon pay, and Cameron has been vocal about his support for the Living Wage this year. (In the U.S., Amazon is in an ongoing battle against sales tax on the state and national level.)
Last week the Low Pay Commission (LPC) proposed a 3% increase in Britain’s minimum wage, to £6.50 an hour, which Reuters reports would be the first above-inflation increase since 2008. It would take effect in October.
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Via: Melville House Books