Ebook narration, app content, social media PR and marketing initiatives all call for teams of creative professionals that know how to effectively engage consumers and bring digital enhancements to life.
DBW spoke with one such professional, the accomplished voice over artist Shira Adler, to find out more about what goes into these enhancement and how the production teams ensure that the resulting multimedia content resonates with consumers.
“Creating cross-promotional digital media synergy in conjunction with authors’ landing pages is essential these days. That’s where the market has expanded to allow producers and production companies to reach out and create video and VO content to promote the books,” explained Adler.
When asked if these multimedia initiates were feasible for traditionally published and entrepreneurial authors alike, Adler replied, “Absolutely. There are economic ways to develop a simple app and no shortage of production companies and social media gurus who can help you do it.”
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Via: Digital Book World