‘Humans do cause wars and chaos but the book shows that a society where no one feels anything is not the right solution to the problems we face in our world today’The Giver by Lois Lowry is a tale of an orderly society which is free of pain and chaos caused by humans but is also devoid of emotions and feelings. Therefore, there is no place for love, joy, guilt or remorse or any other human emotion in this society. Freedom of choice and individuality are unknown concepts. Only two people know and understand feelings – The Giver and a 12-year old boy Jonas.The two main characters are Jonas – a young boy who is apprenticed to The Giver and The Giver himself, a kind old man who transmits emotions and feelings to Jonas. The Giver is the ‘human memory bank’ – the only person who carries memories of all forgotten human emotions within himself. His job is to transmit them all to Jonas who is his successor.I liked the book very much because it made me think how important it is to have freedom of choice and not have your life set out for you. In this book, Birthmothers …read more

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