The Bake Off is back and dangerous. And Ade Adepitan’s Nigerian journey was essential viewingThe Great British Bake Off (BBC2) | iPlayerAde Adepitan: Journey of My Lifetime (C4) | 4ODUnder the Dome (C5) | Demand 5Any doubts over whether The Great British Bake Off, now a mere four series in, is anything less than Our Entire Country, Encapsulated (unless you’re a chippy Scot, or a randy Welsho, or a problem Irish) was dispelled this week by some information. There is, apparently, a drinking game associated with it, and it’s a huge hit on Facebook and Twitter. Suggestions are along the lines of “Drink one finger for every proud relative present” and “Drink two fingers for every use of the word ‘gloopy'”.You need venture no further, you damned sociologists, in attempting to skewer “Britain: 2013. Whither?” than realising that there is a significant part of the population which spends Tuesday nights, mid-August onwards, essentially off its tits on the sofa, watching marginal-OCD people rub crumbs. Thus avoiding cooking anything themselves.Even Churchill didn’t have a drinking game devoted to him. But, 70 years on from his finest hour, we are, apparently, still a country possessed of a self-deprecating humour (Mel and Sue …read more

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