John Crace reduces Roddy Doyle’s belated sequel to The Commitments to a jaunty 600 words– How’s it goin’?– Is that you, Jimmy? says Jimmy’s Da, Jimmy Rabbitte.– Who the fuck do ya think it was?– One of the other Jimmies.– Well as it goes, I’m feelin’ shite. I’ve got bowel cancer.– That is shite.– It makes me shite shite.– You fancy another drink?– Grand.– You told Aoife and the kids?– Na.On the way out the pub, Jimmy Jr saw a woman in the corner that he recognised. It must have been 20 years.– Imelda?– Good to see you Jimmy. If you fancy ridin’ us then give me a text.Back home, Jimmy poured himself a drink before Aoife got home.– I’ve got bowel cancer.– That’s shite, she said. – But it’s not as shite as lung or brain cancer. We’ll be OK. We’ve enough money n’ tha’. Just don’t play any fuckin’ Supertramp. Now go and tell the kids.– I’ve somethin’ to tell yous three Jimmies.– I’m not called Jimmy, said Mahalia. – I’m a girl.– An’ I’m Marvin.– Not to me yous not. – Ya ought to tell ya brother, said Aoife.– I’ve no spoken to Les for 20 years.– …read more

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