Rosemary Hill on a tour of the historic ghost-buildings of Britain – and the long shadows they still castThe most frightening rooms I’ve ever been in are in Cheshire. Hack Green, a former RAF base, was converted from 1976 onwards into Regional Government Headquarters 10:2, one of a network of bunkers around the country from which a selected population of civil servants and military personnel would attempt to run Britain after a nuclear strike. Behind the eloquently massive blast doors civilisation was to be kept going with the full panoply of 1970s office equipment, plywood laminated desks, clunky phones and adjustable swivel chairs. By the time Hack Green was fully operational it had acquired megalithic computers in tall cabinets and illuminated wall maps of the UK.It is now a museum, having been decommissioned in 1993, and is popular with ghost hunters. There have been strange sightings in the low‑ceilinged corridors and the long‑since disconnected telephones are said sometimes to ring. But you don’t need to believe in the supernatural to feel the horror. The complex is redolent of cold war menace and human inadequacy. If the bomb had dropped there would not have been much hope inside or out – …read more

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