‘I would recommend this book for mature teenage readers as there can be some graphic scenes of gore!’The Name of the Star is an attention grabbing, nail biting story about a Louisiana teenager named Rory Deveaux. Rory’s parents are university professors and have moved to Bristol for the year, forcing Rory to leave all her friends and Americanisms behind to join a new, prestigious sixth form college in London. Rory is struggling to believe how she is ever going to fit in when she can’t even grasp the difference between the pavement and the sidewalk!Rory is faced with an awful lot on her plate once she arrives in London. Not only does she have a new country and culture to grasp, this is her first time in a boarding school and she knows absolutely no-one. She soon realises that the girls she is mixing with are more than just classmates; they are the people you study with, eat with and sleep with. However if that wasn’t enough, a media frenzy of ‘Rippermania’ has taken hold of London. A Jack the Ripper impersonator has begun a murdering spree to coincide with the exact dates and locations of the real Jack the …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books