Batten down the hatches and hide your kids, hide your wife, because the end of the world as we know it is here: The National Enquirer is funding a literary prize. Not on purpose, of course; that would be a mass of irony too great for even the largest Russian novels to contain. Instead, the origin story of the Philip Seymour Hoffman “Relentless Award” for playwrights adheres quite closely to the supermarket salacity one might expect from the publication.
In the wake of Hoffman’s death, The Enquirer published an article claiming that his long-time friend David Bar Katz had called the tabloid up, and admitted to being Hoffman’s lover, cocaine buddy, and enabler who had freebased the drug with him the night before he died. Bored housewives everywhere were shocked to learn that none of this was true—about as shocked as the The Enquirer claimed to be that this caller was not the real Mr. Katz—after he filed a libel lawsuit against the tabloid and its publisher.
As reported by The New York Times, Katz’s lawyer Judd Burstein took issue with the tabloid’s claim of an “honest mistake,” saying, “It sounds ridiculous. They did a search and found someone named David Katz …read more

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