This terrifying American thriller about two teenagers abducted and held in a cellar for years has chilling echoes of recent real-life eventsYou can be fairly certain a novel is setting out to scare when it comes with black edges to its pages, and The Never List, American author Koethi Zan’s debut, doesn’t disappoint. Best friends Jennifer and Sarah are the last 18-year-olds you’d expect to be abducted: obsessively anxious, they’ve spent years building up their “never list”, documenting “every danger that could possibly ever touch us”.From plane crashes to household accidents to murder, they are all recorded on the list, which is pinned to their bedroom door when they go to university. “Never park more than six spaces from your destination, never trust a stranger with a flat tyre. Never, never, never.” But they bend their own rules slightly, stay out late at a party, get into a car they believe to be their taxi, and end up drugged and imprisoned in a cellar. For years.The Never List is part of the wave of psychological thrillers aimed squarely at the Gone Girl summer-reading market, such as Samantha Hayes’s Until You’re Mine (“you’re alone. You’re vulnerable. And you have something that …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books