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It’s time for our regular check in with the science fiction culture wars so goggles on, everyone.
The last time we looked in, some very self-satisfied and widely respected old guard (though in this case they’re also just plain old) writers were shocked that people didn’t take all sorts of pleasure in their war stories about sexual harassment related in a trade magazine with a skimpily chain-mailed woman on the cover. A respected editor had been called out for a history of harassment at genre conventions and lost his job as a result. And the Men’s Rights circles in genre fandom continued to be hilarious and monstrous at the same time.
Things were pretty heated. Surely they’ve cooled down by now, right Toni Weisskopf, publisher of Baen Books?
[T]he question arises—why bother to engage these people at all? They are not of us. They do not share our values, they do not share our culture. …
I think again SF is mirroring the greater American culture. Our country is different because it, like science fiction fandom, was built around an idea—not geographic or linguistic accident, but an idea—we hold these truths to be self evident. And it is becoming more and …read more

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