John Crace reduces all that Gyles Brandreth can teach us about happiness to around 700 wordsOn 17 June 2013 I gave a lecture on happiness to an audience of 1,000 people at Birmingham University. I would have been even happier if they had paid me a bit more, but everyone seemed to think I was marvellous. Here’s a typical tweet I received afterwards: “Gyles Brandreth has just stopped talking about himself for a couple of hours. Finally I know the meaning of happiness.”I had been planning to write a book on happiness 10 years ago with my good friend Dr Anthony Clare, the eminent popular radio psychiatrist who was so happy in himself he considered all psychotherapies to be a total waste of time. Unfortunately he died before we could start, so I then asked my good friend the Queen of Denmark if she had any insights about happiness. She thought being Queen helped her to be a bit happy, but suggested I talk to another of my good friends, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. He said buying race horses to win the Derby made him fairly happy.So what, then, is happiness? Well, as you might have gathered by …read more

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