‘I found some of the characters pointless and annoying, but some really funny’In The Taming of the Tights, Tallulah and her mates are back to finish their winter term at the Dother Hall performing arts program. And Tallulah is determined to finally show the world she’s a true star of the stage! Out of the spotlight, Tallulah’s life is filled with just as much drama as on stage only she’s not pretending. She’s distracted by bad-boy Cain and trying her best to keep her accidental kissing-session with him a secret. And although she is slowly beginning to think that maybe he’s not so bad after all, she also continues to wonder about unavailable Charlie and dreamy Alex (also unavailable). I would rate this book 6/10 because its all a bit confusing with the mix between Taming of the Shrew and Taming of the Tights. I like the idea of Cain, Charlie and Alex; I think it makes it very interesting, although it was probably the only interesting thing as I didn’t find this book particularly page-turning. This might be because I haven’t read the other two books in the series, I don’t know. I found some of the characters pointless …read more

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