According to GoodEReader, China is the second largest eBook market in the world, with 52 percent growth in calendar 2012.  As of October 2013, there were 500 million Internet users and 1.22 billion mobile phone users in China, as noted by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Those marketing direct to the Chinese consumer are principally offering eBooks in the Chinese language.  The market is fragmented, with revenues divided among online retailers, telecom operators, search engines (e.g., Baidu), hardware manufacturers (e.g., Bambook), and social media networks.
Major international etailers like Kindle, iBookstore and Kobo are trying to become significant factors in China with stores emphasizing Chinese-language titles.
But what of the opportunity to distribute English-language trade eBooks in China? (Reference and scientific titles are a separate discussion).
In this market, the US publisher needs an effective channel of distribution and also needs a reliable sales and marketing partner to help promote the titles.
The most quickly developing market for English-language trade eBooks in China is the B2B market focused on libraries, schools and other institutions.  Today’s opportunity for trade English-language title sales in China is 90 percent B2B and 10 percent direct to the consumer.
How is that B2B market best pursued?  China National Publications …read more

Via: Digital Book World