There was a young player called BaleWho was part of a long transfer taleOur readers got boredAnd sent poems by the hoardSo here is the best of their mailTransfer window limericks from our esteemed readerskeef1980There once were three players, all flightyOne Welsh, one Scouse and one biteyI’ve read the stories all summerIt’ll be quite a bummerIf all three of them are staying in BlightyPeterBeechThere was a young striker called RooneyWhose prospects at United were gloomyWhen Chelsea came callingThe match was appallingAnd he said, ‘Mou, I’m staying, so sue me’BlueHazardThere once was a boy named BaleWho wanted to force a saleHe was lame and greedyAnd came up against LevyAnd it all ended in epic failGhostWiperThere was a young man called WillianWho is one greedy BrazilianHe took Spurs for a rideNow he’s on Jose’s sideEven though he’s not worth 30 millionpabloelbrujoThere was once a manager called JoséInto others’ transfer business he was noseySpurs thought they got WillianWeekly wage over a hundred grandBut it was Chelsea that he did choseylancaster43Man United will not take a noBut Everton won’t let them goOne side says stop being funnyYou’ll have to come back with more moneyAll this for the mod and the ‘frocantthinkofagoodnameSpurs were interested in …read more

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