Genius he may be, but film-maker Nicolas Roeg’s memoir largely falls flatHow many wannabe movie-makers would look to Nicolas Roeg for counsel? Roeg’s career is a textbook example of the disasters that await the film director who aspires to be anything more than a hack. His debut picture, Performance – the best visual record we have of countercultural London – had its release delayed by two years, during which time the moneymen cut it to ribbons. The Man Who Fell to Earth was butchered for its US release, and Rank took its name off Bad Timing, so appalled was it by the picture’s near necrophilic sex scenes. In the third of a century since that masterpiece, Roeg has struggled to find work – and little of what he has made has lived up to his early promise. Yet here he is in The World Is Ever Changing offering up what the blurb calls “the wealth of wisdom and experience he has garnered over 50 years of film-making”.Make that 60 years. Roeg came up the old way, starting out in the early 1950s as an MGM clapper boy, and working his way up the technical ladder – focus-puller, cameraman, editor… Like …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books