‘Both these books were hilarious to read and made me really laugh out loud'”The World of Norm” books are all about a normal boy called… Norman! He lives in a normal family with his parents and his two really annoying little brothers.In the first book of the series, May Contain Nuts, Norm and his family have to move to a smaller house, which really upsets Norm. At least he can still go cycling with his best friend, Mikey, even though the two boys are now living further away from each other.One afternoon, the boys are riding their bikes outside Norm’s house. By accident, Mikey crashes into Norm’s garage and smashes a valuable china tea set. Unfortunately, Norm’s teenage neighbour, Chelsea, films the whole thing and posts the video on YouTube! This means war and Norm’s determined to get his revenge…In the second book, May Cause Irritation, we meet Norm’s two perfect cousins, Becky and Danny, who have come to visit. He really can’t stand them because they both get excellent marks at school and are always really polite. Worse still, Norm has just found out that Chelsea, his arch enemy from next door, has put a photo of Norm’s naked …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books