‘the author keeps the characters very real and as a reader, I felt very involved in their lives’This engrossing book by Michael Morpurgo has a poignant storyline about a close-knit family living on the island of Bryher in the Isles of Scilly. Although the story has a lot of sadness and hardship, it ends on a happy note. The story revolves around the lives of its main characters – Father, Mother, their children Billy and Laura and Granny May.Life on the island of Bryher is tough and Laura’s family make their living by selling milk and eggs and occasionally from the spoils of a wreck when the men of the island go out in the gig to rescue the people on board the wrecked ship. While Laura longs to row in the gig, father won’t hear of it because in those days girls weren’t allowed to row boats with men. As Laura deals with this disappointment, relations between Father and Billy are getting worse because of their constant arguments about their daily jobs. Like Laura, Billy longs to go out and see the world but Father won’t let him.An opportunity presents itself and Billy takes it. He leaves Bryher without …read more

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