“Sure, I’ll grab that book about Grover Cleveland you requested! Wait here for a week or three.”
Librarians at the University of Maryland don’t give half a damn.
Other readers may proclaim their love for books. They may think they’re devoted, willing and ready to pick up a book in the most trying of situations. Compared to these librarians, other readers are soft.
As Karen Adams reports for WNEW, ten percent of UMD’s library, about twenty thousand volumes, was attacked by mold this summer.  The problem is so bad that librarians have shut down an entire floor of the library. Clean-up costs are projected to run to $100,000. But, as library spokesperson Eric Bartheld tells Adams
Students will still be able to check out the moldy books. However, if a student needs one of the books, they can request it through the library and a staff member will locate it, clean off the mold and deliver the book to the student.
That’s right. Students will still be able to check out books. Books that are buried in an entire floor full of mold. All because some hard ass librarian is willing to pick up their sweat-grimed machete, daub their eyes with grease paint, and march off into the alien …read more

Via: Melville House Books