The manner in which the Disney-owned studio is weaving together characters and narratives over multiple movies is a wonder to behold. And it’s not even nearly overReading on mobile? Click here to viewTime was when talk of a new Thor movie would have barely stirred the ultra-sensile hairs on the back of the average fanboy’s neck. But Kenneth Branagh made an excellent stab of 2011’s origins story for Marvel’s take on the son of Odin, and Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god also played an important role in last year’s The Avengers, which went on to be the third-highest-grossing movie of all time.Earlier this year, Iron Man 3 hinted that the Disney-owned studio’s second stage of solo superhero outings might be benefiting from a significant post-Avengers bounce. Now it’s time to find out if Thor: The Dark World, for which a new full-length trailer hit the web earlier this week, can prove the excellent reviews and $1bn-plus box-office haul for Shane Black’s sequel were not just down to Robert Downey Jr’s enduring charm and the ingenious casting of Ben Kingsley as an Osama bin Laden-style villain with a surprising past.”Thor 2″ boasts a significant advantage over Marvel’s other upcoming fare in the …read more

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