The Shepherd’s beaked whale is also known as the “Tasman’s beaked whale,” but c’mon, it’s pretty obvious which name is better.

Larry Kirshbaum, chief of publishing at Amazon Publishing and “one of the most influential figures in the publishing world,” has been accused of sexually assaulting his former mistress in 2010. (New York Daily News)
Game Informer, a magazine you’ve probably never heard for, accounts for nearly one-third of all digital magazine subscriptions and is a “rebuke to the magazine industry’s flawed accounting.” (Slate)
This is what it looks like when that racist asshole on campus decides to protest an indie bookstore: white dudes in wraparound shades screaming into the mouths of white dudes in wraparound shades. (Indiana Daily Student)
Kobo has unveiled a slate of new e-readers, many of them high-end tablets running an Android platform. All of them, presumably, can be used to put stories in your brain, which is all we care about. (PW)
Pei-Shen Qian, a struggling artist, forged artworks whose total value came to $80 million. At The New York Review of Books, Charles Hope reviews three books about art forgery. (Take a look at an essay from 2001, by Peter Landesman, about art forgery and the Getty Museum.)
One Story is literally going graphic. (The Washington Post)
Kenneth Branagh as Macbeth—coming to …read more

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