‘Anyone can read this book, it is simply wonderful’This book had lots of adventurous parts and pictures. It is about a boy named Barney Willow who is suffering from a new lifestyle; for example his parents had been divorced for two years and he goes to a new school which had a demon headmistress named Miss Whimpire. Also, he was bullied by a boy named Gavin Needle who he was sick and tired of. He got the blame when a teacher yawned in assembly and when Gavin turned on the fire alarm.My favourite character was Rissa, Barney’s best friend who lived on a barge and she had seriously wild hair! I liked her because she understood Barney in every way apart from when he turned into a cat.Miss Whimpire HATED Barney. She sent these cats named swipers to kill him. Then he met this kind old cat named The Terrorcat but really, he only uses his terror on the swipers. Anyway, The Terrorcat had an old owner who called him Pickles – “I don’t like the name Pickles, it looses my street credit, but hey, I live with it!” he said. The Terrorcat leads him to notice he should not …read more

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