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No one can deny the convenience of ebooks. A quick search, a few clicks to buy, then it’s on your e-reader. But that model only works if you know exactly what you want. I, like many readers, quite often don’t.
I find it very hard to browse online — if I knew what book I wanted, then Amazon was the place to go, but what could I do if all I knew was that I wanted another book? And this happens often; I read genre fiction almost exclusively, mainly romances, and I read them fast: somewhere between 300 and 400 a year, if I could afford it, and if I could find that many novels I want to read.
The solution could come in the form of the book recommendation websites — websites devoted to finding me the perfect book based on my interests. But, as with everything on the internet, it can feel like there is an overwhelming amount of them. So, let us assume I just finished one of …read more

Via: Digital Book World