Tracks trudges into competition at Venice on the basis of some spellbinding scenery, but there’s a frustrating coyness to the investigation of what’s driving its heroineIn April 1977 a young Australian named Robyn Davidson set out to walk from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, a 2000-mile trek through some of the hardest, hottest terrain in the world. I have yet to read Davidson’s subsequent National Geographic article about the experience, nor the bestselling book it later inspired. But if John Curran’s feature adaptation is anything to go by, her journey was lengthy, sweaty and relentlessly solipsistic.Tracks trudges into competition at the Venice film festival on the basis of some spellbinding scenery, a gritty if faintly one-note performance from the talented Mia Wasikowska, and not a whole lot else. Plucky Robyn longs to find herself and to be alone. She wants to kick the dust of Alice Springs from her boots and venture out to the far horizon. It should be noted, however, that her solo expedition trails a crowd in its wake. In the first place Robyn brings her dog, Diggity, and a quartet of camels which gurn and growl as they march. A few miles in, I started …read more

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