Revenue growth for adult trade ebooks is continuing to slow down through the first half of this year. For January through June, adult trade ebook revenue was $647.7 million, up 4.8% from $618 million a year ago, according to the latest numbers from the Association of American Publishers. Through the first four months of the year, ebook revenue was up about 12%.
Meanwhile, revenue from children’s and young adult ebooks continued to sag due, likely due to an unfavorable comparison with the first half of last year, which featured still-strong sales from The Hunger Games. Revenue was down to $83.7 million from $153.7 million, a decrease of 45.6%.
The good news for children’s ebook publishers is that ebook revenues have growth considerably when compared with two years ago. Children’s ebook revenues in the first half of 2011 were about $40 million, meaning that despite being down versus last year, children’s ebook publishing revenues have roughly doubled from two years ago.
On a much smaller scale, sales of religious ebooks were up 5.5% to $35.4 million through the first half of the year.
For those monitoring the digital transition, ebook revenue comprised 27.8% of overall revenue across those three categories in the first half of …read more

Via: Digital Book World