The bowhead whale has the largest mouth of any animal.
Lyle Beniga and his dancers took over a library for an afternoon. And then some librarians remade “Sabotage.” Go, libraries!
In the memoir Mo’ Meta Blues, reviewed by James Guida, Questlove recounts how “hip hop was buried at The Source magazine’s awards night in May of 1995, when, among other things, Nas’s Illmatic—a rare work of straightforward hip hop perfection, devoid of shiny R&B hooks—lost in every category.”
“I learned that they moved the Elliot Bay Book Store in Seattle. It’s not down near the water anymore, so don’t walk to that location because it’s not there.” Toby Barlow reports in from his eleven-city book tour. (The Paris Review Daily)
“SF has no essence, no single unifying characteristic, and no point of origin.” If you care at all about genre, specifically Science Fiction, it behooves you to read this already-classic essay by John Rieder from 2010, just posted over at Strange Horizons.
A new iOS app that promises to help people learn to speed read is in beta right now. It pulls content from Pocket or Instapaper accounts so that users can practice using articles they wanted to read anyway. (AppNewser)
Blake Butler wonders whether he’d ever do an MFA again. Well—yes and no.
The New York Times finally printed the word “fuck” in a story about writers’ rooms.
“Every aspect of human technology has a dark side, including the bow …read more

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