A list of words newly added to the online dictionary has been released. What would be your additions, and which would you remove?Four times a year, the Oxford Dictionaries Online is updated. It’s a buzzworthy event. Some familiar words and phrases have made it in this time, while others are new to me – ‘babymoon’, anyone? Some of these additions are self-explanatory – it’s not hard to work out that ‘cake pop’ is cake on a stick – while others, like ‘jorts’, aren’t so obvious. Until Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, I wasn’t sure what twerking was, but now most people can give an accurate description of the dance (although few may wish to demonstrate the moves).Other words are familiar but the meanings have changed. ‘Unlike’ has been hijacked by social media and ‘BYOD’, which to me means bring your own drink, can now also mean bring your own device. Best to know which it is before you take a bottle of red in to work with you.I may be dappy, but other additions I’m not so sure are necessary; do we really need a shorter word for guacamole? ‘Guac’. Srsly? And isn’t ‘pear cider’ perry? …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books