‘a great YA read, but I’m quite certain that it would appeal to anyone who likes romantic comedy and fantasy books’The story revolves around shy, popular, junior high student Ayu Tateishi, who is befriended by new transfer student Nina Sakura, who hails from the magic kingdom, and is secretly a witch! Or, more to the point, a witch in training, who almost flunked of the magic kingdoms junior high, so transferred to the human world to study.Nina soon finds out that Ayu has a crush on baseball captain and ‘Nice Guy’ Kaji, and attempts to cast a love spell on him with the help of her magical computer, to make him fall in love with Ayu, which leads to hilarious results!This book is very entertaining and funny, and you soon get sucked into the worlds of Nina and Ayu, and their many misadventures. The plot was pretty unpredictable, and it was also nice to get an insight into why the author and artist, Wataru Yoshizumi, chose Ayu and Nina for their names; what some of the items that appear in the manga were based on; and various other entertaining things in the ‘Free talk’ section that appears at the side …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books