Far from reaching its due-by date, academic library architecture is reflecting and predicting how we learn now and into the future• View and contribute to our gallery of university library photos”The academic library has died,” wrote Brian Sullivan, librarian at Alfred University, in an opinion piece responding to the gloomy tone of a 2011 report on the future of academic libraries. “One reason for cause of death is that library buildings were converted into computer labs, study spaces and headquarters for informational-technology departments.”Although Sullivan is being facetious – the headline for his piece was ‘Academic library autopsy report 2050’ – there’s no denying that the university library as we know it is changing. And this has become more evident over the past decade through changes in the way university library buildings look the world over.From the so-called Berlin Brain (the Philological Library at the Free University of Berlin) to the shimmering gold exterior of the award-winning Hive at the University of Worcester, from the forest-like interior of the University of Queensland Ipswich Library to the seven-story white and shiny Sir Duncan Rice Library at Aberdeen University, the role architecture plays in shaping how today’s library is used, accessed and perceived …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books