Narwhals “tusking.” (!!!!!)

Though somewhat late to the game, Amazon has turned its sights on the app market and “is strengthening its presence on mobile apps by paying developers to carry advertisements for its products in their applications.” (Financial Times)
It isn’t often that poetry and sport come together, but British football fans have, bizarrely, turned to the limerick to bemoan the inaction of this year’s ‘transfer window’, the period when players can be bought and sold from and by new clubs. Find out what ‘Wayne Rooney‘ rhymes with. (The Guardian)
Elmore Leonard‘s son, the crime novelist Peter Leonard, may finish the late author’s final, unfinished book. (BBC News)
How dictionaries like the Oxford English Dictionary will function in the future is a more complex issue than one might think. Is it fair that while you can own the physical version, you only rent it digitally? A thorough investigation of the issue. (The Guardian)
Literary agent Seth Fishman does an AMA on Reddit and answers questions about query letters, ebook royalty rates, pinpointing the genre of your book, and whether literary fiction is dead? Answer: no. (Reddit)
Tax booze and use the profits to fund literature? The Finns and Estonians clearly have everything sorted out. (Yle Uutiset)
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