Publishing isn’t a high-paying industry, generally speaking, so I noted with interest GalleyCat’s post the other day listing the average salary of a Senior Editor at RH US – although it’s always difficult comparing salaries across the Atlantic!When I worked as an in-house editor for large publishing companies, it was always interesting to know where you sat compared with others (and we always complained about the London weighting on salaries). However, there was very little you could do about it beyond try to get a promotion or a new job. But when I became a freelancer for 6 years, it all became much more difficult.So what about freelancers?One of the hardest questions freelancers face when starting out is, “What should I charge?” It’s an even harder question than deciding whether the salary for an in-house position is ‘right’ because there are so many unknowns. Do you offer low rates to get work? Do you offer high rates but allow yourself to be negotiated down?There are lots of sources of general data to give you the ballpark, of course. The Society for Editors and Proofreaders here in the UK conducts a regular survey of its members and publishes an annually revised …read more

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