Which was the first have-it-all generation of women? They were swinging half a century before the sixties, says Judith MackrellWriting biography is always a juggling of perspectives, an attempt to show the daily random life of your subject while imposing the logic of history and argument. It’s a battle between present tense reality and narrative hindsight. And the other day I was reminded of how conflicting their truths can be by a magazine article I picked up.It was a report on how young professional woman are suffering a collective sense of anxiety about combining careers and motherhood. Farrah Storr explained that she and her generation had “witnessed the despairing, exhausting fall out” of those who’d tried. And far from being inspired by those “solid confident chest-swelling career girls of the 1980s and 1990s who were told they could have it all” she and her peers regarded them as a warning.Having had my own children in the late 1980s, while simultaneously establishing myself as a writer, I suppose I’m one of the women who tried to have it all. Yet while I can remember years of deranged tiredness (as well as deranged fun) I don’t recognise myself in Storr’s argument. Her …read more

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