On Thursday of last week, the contents of Elmore Leonard’s home in the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills went up for sale. Fans came out in droves to buy Leonard’s books, records, table linens, and assorted tchotchkes, and to tell their stories to the various news networks covering the event.
Some of these stories were less exciting than others. From Hometownlife.com, which covers suburban Detroit:
In 2007, George Kelly of Trenton met Leonard during a book-signing event at the old Borders bookstore on Woodward Avenue. Kelly, who’s a musician, gave the author a personal CD wrapped in brown paper.
On Thursday, he found the unwrapped CD with a price tag on it.
“The good news to me was that he hadn’t thrown it away,” Kelly said. “Not only that, but they didn’t charge me for it because of the story.”
On the other hand, from the Detroit News:
“Just to be in his home is a dream,” said David Brunell, a Livonia lawyer and “true fan” from Livonia, who bought a copy of Leonard’s novel, “Be Cool.”
Brunell once patiently waited at a book-signing to get an autograph with his copy of Leonard’s “Djibouti: A Novel.” “I only have one autograph but I treasure it,” he said.
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