Give us your tips for a holiday trip round the best of the UK’s independent bookshopsA call for help from Kate McKenzie, who’s been in touch about her plans for a summer holiday. Surely a query for the travel desk, you say. But hold on a minute. Apparently Kate’s brewing up a plan to travel around the UK and visit “as many independent bookshops as possible”. Which is where we come in.After waxing lyrical about our interactive map of independent bookshops, boasting 319 reports of excellent independent bookshops as of this morning, she comes to the nub of the issue:Just wondering if you’ve got a suggested tour that might include some of the best recommendations.Well, frankly, no. We haven’t. But maybe we could brew up a couple of bookish itineraries right here.For starters, I’d suggest passing through Suffolk, or more particularly Chapel Books in Westleton, a dusty treasure trove of secondhand marvels. I came across it a couple of years ago, and remember an excellent selection of contemporary US fiction, some beautiful art books and a children’s section with a comfy old armchair for making sure you really have found the right thing after all.There’s the added advantage of finding …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books