A land rich in mythology has a tales for every age and occasion, from The Mabinogion to Ivor the EngineWe are taking our children who are six, eight and 10 to Wales for the first time this summer holiday. Are there any traditional Welsh stories or modern adventure stories set in the Welsh countryside that might give them an introduction to the country?Wales is rich in mythology, not least as one of the possible places where King Arthur held court. The most famous book of folk stories in Wales is The Mabinogion, a collection of prose stories which was collated from medieval manuscripts but also draws on oral stories from earlier times including the Iron Age and from early Celtic mythology. It was first translated into English in the 19th century and individually and collectively the stories have been retold in countless versions for children. Gwyn Thomas and Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Tales from the Mabinogion, with illustrations by Margaret Jones, is an excellent introduction to the stories. The Arthurian legends as well as stories seeped in the secret magic of the hidden valleys and crags give a strong sense of place as well as history in Gwyn Jones’s Stories from Wales …read more

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