How infringe-y does this guy look? A little bit? Not so much?
Is taking a photo of a library’s reading room copyright infringement? That’s the question that arose last week when two researchers, one at the British Library and one at the New York Public Library, exchanged photos over Twitter of the respective reading rooms they were working in that day.
Matthew Ingram, a senior writer at Gigaom, and John Gapper, a columnist and editor for the Financial Times, inadvertently sparked off a debate over this issue when, in a friendly Twitter exchange on Friday, they sent each other photos of the Periodicals Reading Room at the NYPL and the Humanities Reading Room at the BL. These weren’t gripe photos; instead, the point seems to have been to express a momentary “aren’t I lucky to be working here” or at least, “here are my working conditions, and they’re really quite nice.” Gapper’s photo in particular shows a reading room full of patrons — the sort of photo that usually warms a library-lover’s heart.
But the British Library couldn’t take the compliment: soon after the tweets went up, whoever was manning the BL Twitter feed demanded that Gapper delete his photo, claiming that it violated copyright. Gapper …read more

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