As Amazon tears down the gates around literary culture, even independents are caught in the crossfirePerched on the end of a panel filled with writers who are throwing off the shackles of conventional publishing, surrounded by Kindle enthusiasts of every stripe, Mark Buckland found himself very much the odd one out at the Edinburgh international book festival. The head of the e-savvy independent publisher Cargo began by asking how many in the audience were self-published authors and wryly suggested he was “going to get lynched”.It’s no surprise that an audience which had paid £10 a ticket to hear about writing in a digital age was mostly made up of authors, with a sizeable minority already publishing themselves, but the hostility Buckland faced as a representative of the publishing industry was something of an eye-opener.Catherine Czerkawska, who described herself as a “classic midlist author”, had already revealed how as publishers became bigger she found herself suffering from the “rave rejection”, her agent telling her she was “too accessible … to be truly literary, but too literary to be popular”, how she had uploaded her backlist to the Kindle store and “never looked back”. Maggie Craig had just confessed how, for the …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books