Handsome Christian leans towards winsome Winona, and then comes the saliva. A young Miranda Kiek was marked for lifeWhy we love … the Addams Family’s take on Thanksgiving … Jon Voight’s shifty eyes … Dumbo’s Pink ElephantsIn the 1994 film version of Little Women, there is a scene in which handsome Laurie (Christian Bale) tries to persuade his childhood friend Jo (Winona Ryder) that they’re destined to be together. In aid of this, he grasps the winsome Winona to his bosom and gives her a long and passionate kiss. As he draws back, a trail of thick, dribbly saliva links the two momentarily before breaking and being brushed away by the back of Bale’s hand.When I first saw it, it was like no kiss I had seen on the screen before (I’d only just graduated from being the age when you shut your eyes and retch every time anyone even got close to locking lips). For it was not the sanitised tongueless lip cinch of a black-and-white classic, or the neat snog of PG fodder. This was my first exposure to a real adult smooch – in all its glorious, dripping, messy clumsiness.The kiss made a deep impression on me …read more

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