Michael Kozlowski, editor of digital publishing and device blog Good E Reader, sent the indie author world into a tizzy this past weekend when he published the piece Self-Publishers Should Not Be Called Authors.While I consider Michael a colleague and friend, I have to disagree with his main premise here, which is that, “Just because its easy to upload your written word, so that it can be downloaded to another machine does not make you an author, any more than me buying a stethoscope allows me to be called a doctor.”I’m sure you can see why this would upset indie authors, many of whom have struggled over the past five years to secure legitimacy in the eyes of retailers, readers and the publishing industry.First off, I don’t think that the doctor analogy is apt. When it comes to creative pursuits, like painting, sculpture, dance, writing, etc., who is to say who is a practitioner and who is not?I may not be scheduled to appear on American Idol any time soon, but when I pick up a microphone and sing this at karaoke, I consider myself a singer. And who is to tell me I’m not? The criteria for judging whether I’m …read more

Via: Digital Book World